Introduced in Heavenward, the Anima weapon quest line in Final Fantasy XIV was an extremely challenging set of quest chains that helped players obtain some of the strongest weapons in the game for their respective classes. The latest 3.38 patch drops the difficulty just a tad for not just the Anima weapons, but some of the Eikonic weapons by introducing some easier ways to obtain certain items, rather than grinding constantly for them.

One of the big changes for the Augmented Eikonic weapons is the ability to trade the Mhachi Penny or Mhachi Farthing for the Illuminati Deep Gobdip. Not only that, but the weekly limitations to grinding ‘Gears’ for the weapon has been abolished from raids. On top of that, the requirement has been dropped from 7 Gears to 4 Gears needed to trade in.

As for the Anima weapons, any of the Unidentified items can be purchased with either of the Esoterics, Law and Poetic ‘tome’ currency. What’s more, the price has been reduced from 680 to a much more reasonable 300. Furthermore, many of the trade items related to the Unidentified items have been drastically reduced. For a complete run down of what has been changed, you can check out the patch notes here.

The change greatly reduces one of the most tedious steps in the Final Fantasy XIV Anima weapon quest, while not trivializing them too much.

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