With the upcoming release of the final DLC for Fallout 4, ‘Nuka-World’, Bethesda released a charming ‘old timey’ commercial for Nuka-World. It features the innocent Cappy and his best friend Bottle, who unfortunately does not have foresight to the many dangers of touring Nuka-World.

The comedic commercial shows off how to keep safe in the amusement park, with a sad look into the repercussion of not following the rules. Bottle experiences each and every mishap, much to his own chagrin, which range from losing his bottle neck for not obeying height limits to being completely dismembered by kids for simply being a bottle of Nuka-Cola in a Nuka-World.

While the trailer shows no footage of the actual DLC content, a quick one hour stream (which you can view on YouTube) tours what really exists in Nuka-World. Much of the amusement park is a desolate wasteland, much like everywhere else in the world after the nuclear fallout. As well as the new location, the DLC has new raiders, quests, creatures and the ability to build and lead gangs of raiders to attack anything.

Nuka-World will cap off the last of Fallout 4’s extra DLC content and will be available from August 30th for Steam PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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