Though short and only giving us a few quick glimpses of what awaits beneath the waves, the latest trailer for BioShock: The Collection makes the wait for remastered trio of games that much harder.

“We swim in different oceans, but land on the same shore,” we hear Elizabeth as the trailer opens. “It always starts with a light house.”

While The Collection includes BioShock 1, 2, and Infinite, the trailer mainly focuses on returning to Rapture, the underwater setting for the first two games. It’s been nine years since the original game released, and the remaster promises updated graphics for current-gen hardware.

After a number of leaks and rumors, 2K finally revealed the remasters with an announcement trailer back in June.

Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, BioShock: The Collection also includes all the single-player DLC from across the three games, as well as a new video series with commentary from creator Ken Levine. The Collection releases September 13.

Steam has announced that anyone that owns the either of the first two games on Steam will receive the remastered versions fro free. Unfortunately that doesn’t include any of the extras added as part of The Collection.

As we continue to learn more about BioShock: The Collection, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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