Overwatch has received its very first seasonal content update. Summer Games released today, Aug. 1, and will run until Aug. 22.

The Summer Games arrived just in time to kick-start the 2016 Olympics, which are being hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It includes exclusive Olympics-themed Loot Boxes and a special Brawl event called Lúcioball, featuring Overwatch’s DJ-Hero himself. Lúcioball resembles a game of football with a wide, spanning field and futuristic goal zones.

Overwatch Summer Games prizes include national and athletic cosmetics, such as Tracer’s track jersey and McCree’s American Flag poncho. There’s plenty to collect for each character, but you’d better hurry. Overwatch Summer Games prizes are yours to keep once you collect them, but at the end of the season on Aug. 22, the collection will be heading back into the vault. “So, if you’ve got your eye on something specific, there’s no time to lose!

This is Overwatch’s first ever seasonal content update, but it is by no means the last. As Blizzard said, “This is our very first seasonal event in Overwatch, but there are more on the horizon. We’re not quite ready to reveal our plans, but you can expect to see more festive Loot Box items, maps, and modes in the future.”

Overwatch Summer Games is live now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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