The Xbox One backward compatibility list grows as two more games are added to the library. Announced by Director of Programming for Xbox Live, Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb, Boom Boom Rocket and Syberia will be making a return via the Xbox One’s backward compatibility intiative.

Boom Boom Rocket is a rhythm game where the player must create a fantastic fireworks show in a city landscape. The stages often feature some incredibly funky variant of classic songs such as Hall of the Mountain Kings, Toccata and Fugue and Moonlight Sonata.

Syberia is an adventure game that has the player control a young lawyer named Kate Walker who ends up travelling abroad in order to sort out documents and files for a client. This leads to a series of adventures that forces her to reconsider various elements of her life, including her fiance back at home.

Both games was met with an overall positive reception with Boom Boom Rocket being renown for its incredibly enjoyable and addictive soundtrack and Syberia for its well-crafted narrative and story-telling. While both games aren’t exactly heavy hitting titles, they make for an incredible entry into the Backward Compatibility backlog. Both games are available to play on Xbox One.

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