When it comes to making video games, developers want to get everything just right. To do this, they have hired quality assurance teams play their games over and over again. Sometimes, however, this is not enough. For huge online games, it is up to the audience to do some testing themselves. This is the case for Epic’s new MOBA, Paragon.

While this title has been in early access for awhile now, the first open beta has officially begun on PS4 and PC. Anyone on these devices can download Paragon for free and jump right into the battle. Be warned, not everyone will be an expert right away. If you’re a fan of MOBA’s already, it may be easier for you to pick up.

At this point, there are 20 unique heroes each with a number of special skins. A new hero is also added every 3 weeks, constantly growing the lane matchups and team strategies. In addition to this, Epic is constantly adding new cards, made to enhance your hero during each match, and other patches and features to make Paragon as great an online experience as possible.

Download your copy for the open beta today and quickly grow your skills before Paragon launches on PS4 and PC. This can be done on the game’s website or on the PlayStation Store.

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