There has been a lot of talk over enhanced consoles that companies are putting out to advance the gameplay experience. At this year’s E3 Microsoft officially announced the Scorpio, a 6 teraflop powerhouse version of the Xbox One. I has long been rumored that Sony would announce their answer to this, the PlayStation Neo, in the upcoming months. We may be getting to see it a little sooner than we thought.

Since the Scorpio was shown off at one of the biggest gaming conventions of the year, many believed Sony would wait to do the same for the PlayStation Neo. The Tokyo Game Show in September would be the perfect situation for this. A recent report from French website Gameblog, however, has stated that the PlayStation Neo will be unveiled at an event in New York. This event is said to take place on September 7th, only about a week before the Tokyo Game Show begins.

Interesting, this report also stated that Nintendo’s mysterious NX would also be revealed prior to the Tokyo Game Show on September 12th. While this is not an enhanced version of a current system, like the Xbox Scorpio or Playstation Neo, it is definitely one gamers have been waiting to see for some time.

Perhaps with these reveals coming before the Tokyo Game Show, the convention will have room to show off even more great details.

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