Even though the new version of the console has yet to be announced, we already know a surprising amount about the PS4 Slim. Thanks to continued leaks from people who have gotten their hands on the new hardware, we now also know a notable improvement is coming to the console’s WiFi capabilities.

Posted on Twitter by user shortman82 (spotted by EGM), the PS4 Slim manual shows that the new console will also support 5GHz WiFi. This is a step up from the current console’s support of only 2.4GHz. Because so many devices, including Bluetooth and even your microwave oven, operate at 2.4GHz, there can often be interference. At 5GHz however, this is no longer a problem, meaning the wireless signal can generally run faster.

A earlier tweet then also confirms that the PS4 Slim will support B/G/N/AC standards for WiFi. While it’s only important that it support the standard of your personal WiFi router, having all four means almost any router will work.

Sony is expected to officially reveal and show off either the PS4 Slim or the PS Neo at a press conference next week. Called the PlayStation Meeting, the conference will begin at 3 PM ET on Sept 7.

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