The StarCraft II community has seen its fair share of corruption and greed in the past several years as it slowly declines in popularity. This time, allegations have been made against StarCraft II team Invasion eSports over not paying its former player properly. Colleagues of the player, Gumiho, have spoken out on Twitter, addressing the manager of the company.

It is allegedly stated that the manager of Invasion eSport, “King Sebou”, had withheld the adequate amount of money that was suppose to go to Gumiho when he still played for Invasion eSport. Prior to leaving, Gumiho managed to come second place in a Dreamhack tournament and was to receive $5000 in winnings. Furthermore after departing from the team, it was mentioned that while he would be playing for MVP, he would still represent Invasion eSports in foreign events.

Gumiho joined Invasion back in 2014 where he met success in several minor and a few major tournaments. Since then, Gumiho has been dropped into requalifying for Code A, the rank given to players who are nearing the top echelon of professional StarCraft II players, just shy of Code S rank.

The story is still unfolding as various players come out. King Sebou’s twitter is currently private as a statement is pending.

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