The latest video in Titanfall 2’s Inside Development series gives details on how matchmaking will be improved compared to the first game.

This entry in the Inside Development series is hosted by lead engineer Jon Shiring, who speaks to engineer Mike Kalas about how the matchmaking system in Titanfall 2 is improving when compared to the first entry in the series. The new matchmaking system will put a greater emphasis on skill, rather than just looking at wins and losses when forming teams. While wins and losses will still be considered, the new matchmaking system will also look at a player’s contribution in the matches they play. Kalas also states that the new system should be quicker, and should eliminate some of the long waits that players encountered in the original Titanfall.

Kalas also stated that the upcoming technical test will be used to gauge how well the new matchmaking system works, as well as be a test for the game’s servers. There is currently no date for the technical test, though it is expected to drop in the coming weeks.

Earlier this week Respawn Enetrtainment announced that the first Titanfall 2 multiplayer livestream will take place at Gamescom. The event, which is being called Factions, will put two teams against each other in a number of matches. Both teams will feature popular YouTubers, and will give fans a glimpse of what to expect when the upcoming technical test launches.

Titanfall 2 will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 28th.

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