People who player video games are constantly online, reading articles, watching trailers, and just trying to figure out what is next. What game in the future is going to blow their minds, or at the very least be something they can ask Santa for Christmas. In the history of this industry, however, there have been a lot of games that people love to go back to. That is what the Xbox One backward compatibility has been all about.

Since the Xbox One first launched in 2013, owners of the console were begging for backward compatibility. In 2015, their prayers were finally answered and the feature was added to the console. Unfortunately, because this feature was added later, more and more Xbox 360 games have to constantly be added to the system to be available to play on the Xbox One.

While many of the games you see added aren’t always the most memorable, there have been a number of true hits. These include Call of Duty: Black Ops and the highly requested Red Dead Redemption. Microsoft plans on supporting this feature to the bitter end. “Xbox One Backward Compatibility has seen a huge amount of engagement since it launched last November, with more than 145 million hours played and 230+ titles in the library,” they stated in a post on Xbox Wire.

What games would you like to see added to the Xbox One backward compatibility?

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