Blizzard will now let gamers change their BattleTag on The first change will be free, and players will have to pay for any change after that.

“Every user can choose a BattleTag to represent themselves both in-game and on their Friends list,” states the website. “If you change your mind later on, you can change it once for free.”

Any changes made after that will cost gamers $10. Changing your BattleTag will not change anything else, as your friends will still be there on your Friends list after the change.

Earlier this week, Chris Metzen, who has been with Blizzard for over 20 years, officially announced his retirement. While it was initially told to inside staff, Metzen confirmed the announcement in a post on the World of Warcraft forums. While it will be hard for Metzen to step away, he has faith that the future of Blizzard is bright. “I’ve never been more proud of Blizzard and the quality of its products than I am now,” Metzen stated. “It’s remarkable that even after all these years we can still reach new heights and take the world for an amazing ride. I believe Blizzard’s future is brighter than ever.”

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