Massive has a lot riding on the next update, Patch 1.4, for The Division. Hoping to rebalance much of the game and even refine how it feels to play, the developer is doing as much testing as possible before releasing the update on the main game. That involves setting up the much-anticipated Public Test Server, or PTS. Starting this week, the PTS is now available for anyone to try.

As long as players have a PC version the The Division, the PTS should appear as a separate title in their Uplay “My Games” section or the Steam “My Library” section. All players will have to download the 45GB client again, as it is technically a separate title.

“On the PTS, you will be able to test the current build for Update 1.4 before its official release on the live game, in October. This will be an opportunity for us to gather feedback on the major changes done with this Update and learn of any critical bug that would need fixing before it goes live. Your feedback will be crucial to help us improve the game!” Massive writes in a post on the game’s forums.

During this first week of testing, Massive is hoping to mainly look at endgame progression. As a result, all players will be using a newly made endgame character and progressing though the World Tiers. Once this particular phase of the testing is over, characters will be copied from the main game for players to use, though progression will not carry between the two.

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