Space Lizard Studio has announced that their newest title, Dragon Bros, will be coming to steam via early access. The game features retro inspired graphics with fast and responsive controls, with gameplay that takes inspiration from games such as Metal Slug, Broforce, and Super Time Force.

The development team goes into more detail about what gamers can expect from the game’s story on their official website. The page states, “Four teenage dragons go on an adventure to save their kidnapped mom. The culprits? The mechaliches! They are an evil robotic society who survived the collapse of a technologically advanced alien civilization. On their way, our dragons meet various mega bosses and learn more about their enemies’ goal.”

The team behind Dragons Bros states that the game will feature a new take on the run and gun genre. It will also feature large number of enemies on the screen, all running at 60 fps. Players can expect a large pool of weapons to choose from. On top of all of this, Dragon Bros will support local co-op that will feature up to two players.

 Space Lizard Studio is an indie game studio that is based out in Liverpool, UK who develop games for both mobile and for gamification purposes.

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