Revelation Online, an impressively traversable MMO from Chinese developer NetEase, has just dropped a trailer devoted to PvE gameplay.

Revelation Online is unique among Eastern fantasy MMOs for two main reasons. The first is its traversal: Free flight. As their about page states, “Explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery. Admire stunning views – cliffs, forests, mountains, and cities with the power of flight to experience absolute freedom of exploration.” You can also freely swim to ocean depths, meaning omnidirectional travel is at your fingertips. In this vein, the game also offers three control types: Automatic lock-on, click to lock-on, or free aim.

The other unique aspect is something that is unusual for Eastern MMOs: Classes are not gender-locked. This is something Western MMO players take for granted, but many Eastern MMOs lock you into a fairly specific look and gender role when picking your class. The game’s art isn’t necessarily new, but its certainly solid, and the animation is as satisfying as any single-player experience, both for players and enemies. The classes certainly look interesting in their customization in the above trailer, as you switch between top-down MMO classic style and medium-distance character-action camera views. 

From the above trailer, we see that this customization can very much make this game your own, even in mechanics; with the tighter view, you can enjoy the game’s solo dungeons “with no party members to rely on”, essentially treating the like character-action. Your next-step is 5-person dungeons, with 5 levels of difficulty, “changing the rewards… a lot.”

There are also 6 open-world, roaming bosses, which have “entire guilds battle each other just for the right to engage one of these bosses”. With your guilds, you can also challenge raids with 10 players, 10 players on hardcore, or 20 players, with increasingly rare prizes.

Revelation Online will have a playable beta in October.  You can sign up here.