The penultimate episode of the first season of Hitman, Episode 5, Colorado, sees players travel to the USA. And best of all, players won’t have to wait much longer as the episode releases September 27.

Giving you four targets to take out, the episode’s story mission, Freedom Fighters, tasks Agent 47 with sneaking into a farm compound that has been turned into a private militia training camp. Colorado includes 70 new challenges to complete, along with new disguises, weapons, and gear. The episode will even deliver what developer Io-Interactive promises will be “huge story revelations.”

Hitman Episode 5 Colorado

Hannes Seifert, Studio Head at Io-Interactive, explains in a post on the game’s website, “This is one of the toughest episodes yet. Not only do you have four targets, but from the moment you set foot in Colorado you’re on enemy ground. ‘Freedom Fighters’ is a key episode, which will add serious momentum to the story and set up an intriguing season finale for players.”

With the four previous episodes unleashing players on France, Italy, Morocco, and Thailand, the sixth and final of the season will take place in Japan. The retail version, including all of the episodes in a single package, will release January 31.

Io-Interactive has discussed in the past that this is only the first season they have planned for Hitman, with two more waiting in the wings.

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