It has been years since we first saw beautiful footage of a boy making his way through some old ruins accompanied by his loyal companion. This companion just happened to be a 2 story dog with large wings and horns. From this point on, gamers all around were excited to learn more about The Last Guardian. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any more until years later.

At E3 2016 this past June, fans were thrilled to see more footage and gameplay of The Last Guardian after being left in the dark for so long. There was even more praise and excitement when it was revealed that this title would launch on October 25th. Sadly, this will no longer be the release date for this highly anticipated piece of art. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, it was revealed that The Last Guardian will be delayed until December 6th.

Here is what the President of SCE Worldwide Studios had to say, “A delay is a difficult decision, particularly with this game, but we have encountered more bugs than anticipated while in the final stages of development. To ensure that The Last Guardian delivers on the experience that the game’s creators have envisioned, we need to take the extra time to work on those issues.”

We have already waited a very long time to take on this title. What’s a few more weeks?

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