A spot of competition between the eternal rivals will always exist, as banter between the two sneakily crop up from time to time. Last time, Sony took a shot at Microsoft’s used game sharing feature back in 2013. This time around, Microsoft jabs at Sony after it was confirmed that the PlayStation Plus would not have 4K compatibility.

The comparison between the two companies did not end there, with Microsoft’s twitter continuing the onslaught with a tweet making fun of Sony for their involvement in the Fallout 4 modding support being dropped on their consoles.

In an interview by Eurogamer with Senior director of product management and planning at Xbox, Albert Penello, the jabs were by no means meant to slander or disrespect the competition. It was merely to highlight what features their new Xbox One S would have over all competition. “we’ve got a product to sell, they’ve got a product to sell” Penello states, “so we’re going to highlight the things we think make our product advantaged over their product… But it doesn’t come with a disrespect for what they’re doing.”

Penello also states that despite how it appears, the desire to implement a 4K Blue-ray was decided upon very early on during the console’s production cycle. The decision to include the player stems from the company’s belief in 4K’s success and accessibility to a larger audience.

If you’re interested in reading more about Penello’s statements about the Xbox One S, and their marketing pitch on the console, check out Eurogamer’s interview.

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