While there are plenty of great shooters, MOBAs, and other competitive games out there for all to enjoy, it seems like the king of the hill right now is Overwatch. Since its release in May, Blizzard’s hero shooter has been the talk of the town as millions of players have been building up their teams and battling one another for dominance. That competition is about to get heated up again.

As Season One of competitive play came to a close, Blizzard was quick to revamp some things and swiftly get Season Two of Overwatch up and running. Actually, they did all this sooner than they thought as the new season was slated to begin on September 6th. Well, on September 1st Blizzard released the update to launch Overwatch’s Season Two of Competitive Play.

The new season is complete with new skill tiers, a skill rating system from 1 to 5000 as opposed to last season’s 1-100. Sudden Death has also been done away with, as draws should be a rare occurrence. As with most updates and patches, there is a good amount of character balancing done to many of our heroes as well.

The Season Two update has now been released on  Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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