Pathfinder Adventures, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, is available online now on the App Store and Google Play. The RPG is an adaptation of Paizo Inc.’s Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, a co-op tabletop designed to support one to four players.

To mark its release, CEO of Obsidian Entertainment Feargus Urquhart says, “We’re thrilled to bring Pathfinder Adventures to phones and make it accessible to everyone. It was a challenge to take on the Pathfinder universe, with all of the amazing characters, unique cards, and tense dice rolls; we left nothing on the table. We took the DNA of the physical card game, added an Obsidian narrative and brought the world of Pathfinder Adventures to life.”

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game revolves around themed decks of cards that accompany a unique character. Decks are filled with opportunities to upgrade a character’s stats and gather supplies, but also pose daunting obstacles that force players to make tough choices and work together.

Pathfinder Adventures for mobile devices plays upon the same basic idea: design a character, and then develop it by rolling the dice and crossing your fingers. Players can collect new allies, items and weapons and modify their decks to become stronger.

Pathfinder Adventures is available for free on iOS and Android, and can be downloaded on the Apple Store and Google Play.

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