It may be hard to believe, but in the gaming world we are on the brink of virtual reality being part of the mainstream. While there are a few devices available now, the titan that is Sony will be releasing their official PlayStation VR next month. With this will come the need for some other hardware to optimize your virtual reality experience. Don’t worry, however, Sony has our backs.

After the huge success of Nintendo’s motion controlled Wii, other companies did their best to get on board this train. Xbox had the Kinect and PlayStation created the Move. Since virtual reality is all about feeling like you are a part of the world around you, it only makes sense that the motion controlled Move controllers will play a role in the PlayStation VR.

According to a listing on EB Games, there will be a PlayStation VR – Move Twin Pack available the same day as the full device. This will come with two Move controllers that should help players feel like a part of the virtual world. This item is listed at $119.95 Australian dollars, which is approximately the same as 68 Euros or $90 US dollars.

Are you excited for the next step in virtual reality? Next month’s release should be exciting for the gaming industry regardless of where you stand.

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