Rocket League has traveled to pitches inspired by Europe and Asia, and now it skips land entirely for the free aquatic update, AquaDome.

Of all possible directions to take Rocket League with a free update, putting players in an art-deco, Atlantis meets Bioshock-aesthetic arena probably wasn’t a common guess. The arena isn’t as darkly themed as its influences, though– the warmly-lit stage has fishes swimming and sharks spectating all around it, and new music by Drunk Girl will keep things bubbly. This is, notably, also the first standard arena with a new art job released since Utopia Coliseum.

While the course and its spectators are in aquadomes, and thus water won’t affect the core gameplay, that doesn’t mean the trailer can’t get a little creative with its new car introductions. The sleek, submarine-like Triton shoots through the water towards the new stage in its introduction, whereas the seafloor crawler / crustacean hybrid Proteus bounds through rocks before leaping from beneath the arena. The rest of the commercial is a trick-shot reel that would make professionals drool.

This is releasing pretty quickly on the heels of September’s free Rumble update, which features a strategic item-based Rumble mode and introduces plenty of new accessories, as well as a crate/key system. Just as always, gameplay content (e.g. maps and modes) are free, and accessories / new cars are paid.

AquaDome will release for free sometime in October, with AquaDome coming to every playlist– including Competitive. Its two cars, Triton and Proteus, will be available to purchase for $1.99 each in the Showroom when the new stage goes live.

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