“We all die. Some live forever.” So end the trailers for three of For Honor’s upcoming classes– Samurai Kensei, Viking Raiders, and Knight Wardens.

For Honor has a closed alpha running September 15-18th, and in preparation, they have released trailers for three of For Honor’s classes. There will be twelve classes in total, four per faction, but the alpha will only have six classes, two per faction. It’s unclear if the alpha will have splitscreen, though the full game definitely will.

From the Samurai faction we have the Kensei, which the trailer translates as “Sword-saint”. It’s certainly a hefty class for the normally nimble Samurai; Kensei carry Nodachi, swords “long thought to be too large for use in real war”, and have the thickest armor of all Samurai classes. They’re portrayed as almost ghost-like, still except when striking, dodging around attacks and striking through defenses. They can call down a flurry of flaming shrapnel.

From the Viking faction springs the Raider, mightiest of their kind. It’s a brutal and imposing class, even for the Vikings; Raiders heft the huge Dane Axe like most would a sword, and wear little armor (or fear) as their deaths are preordained. They boast and charge, tossing foes around from the end of their giant axe and with their bare hands. They can throw a firebomb with an intense blast.

From the Knight faction comes the Warden, sworn to an ancient order. It’s a pretty stereotypical class among the Knights; Wardens wield longswords and wear dense armor. Though their origin is lost, they swagger with confidence and greater duty, and shoulder-check and cudgel their way into openings against oponents. They can order a massive burning shell down on foes.

There is still time to sign up for the closed alpha, which will run September 15-18th. For Honor’s full release is Valentine’s Day, February 14th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There will be a Collector’s Case for the game, including a season pass/Gold Edition, collector’s box, soundtrack, lithography, and a 1/3 scale helmet from each faction.

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