The gaming industry may just be the largest chunk of entertainment the world has ever known. It makes more annually than movies, music, and television combined. Every year new titles are teased, trailered, and launched for the consumer to grab and play until their heart’s content. Unfortunately, these great new titles aren’t always cheap. Every gamer knows how to take advantage of discounts and deals. Microsoft always has a variety of deals for their Xbox consoles. Never mind a discount, how about some games that are free?

As part of their Games with Gold promotion, Microsoft has announced four titles that will be free for all of those with Gold memberships. For sports fans, there is Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings. Normally priced at $19.99, it will be free from October 1st to the 31st on Xbox One.

If you are more into off-road racing, then MX vs ATV Reflex is here for you. Free from October 1st until the 15th for both the Xbox One and 360. Perhaps you are looking for a darker, post-apocalyptic survival title. In that case, I Am Alive is free from October 16th until the 31st on both Xbox consoles. Finally, put your wits to the test with The Escapists on Xbox One, free from October 16th all the way until November 15th.

Take advantage of these while you can and grab yourself some fun.

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