Battlefield 1 squad leaders will need to act like officers to keep their position. During multiplayer matches, those players in the role of squad leader will be required to dish out the orders to their subordinates if they wish to keep command.

In a post on Reddit, a developer from DICE explains that an upcoming patch will be released for the World War 1 game to bring it up to the standards set in Battlefield 4. The example given is, “If a squad member request an order and does not receive any, that squad member will be promoted to leader.”

There is call for more organised squad leaders to help with the demands of the fast paced FPS. Death comes swiftly for those who are wandering around the battlefield with no clear direction. Coordination of attacks make for more efficient objective achievements, something that benefits the whole team. It is easy to be sucked in to trying to take down an objective single handed, but such heroism will generally lead the player’s bloody end. The new update will be aiming to promote strong leadership, at the same time as punishing lazy command.

Battlefield 1 Squad

Star Wars Battlefront, a previous EA and DICE collaboration, lacked any kind of squad system. The 40 player battles descend quickly into a free-for-all with no clear plan or organisation. Battlefield 4 also struggled with leadership, until the changes were made that demoted lackadaisical officers. This new patch, so soon after the release of Battlefield 1, clearly shows DICE is responding to the requests of the users to fine tune their game.

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