The backwards compatibility list keeps on growing with the addition of three more games. Announced by head of Xbox Games, Aaron Greenberg, one of the biggest Xbox 360 exclusive titles, Lost Odyssey, will be making its return to Xbox One through the service. Alongside Lost Odyssey, Guwange and Toy Story 3 have also been bumped into the backwards compatibility list, and will be playable on the Xbox One.

Lost Odyssey was one of the first few games legendary Japanese game director Hironobu Sakaguchi worked on after he left Square and formed Mistwalker Studios. The JRPG follows the traditional turn-based system that Sakaguchi was well versed in from his previous work with the Final Fantasy series. Lost Odyssey managed to hit critical acclaim for its interesting take on the traditional combat system and its profound plot.

Guwange is a somewhat obscure vertical scroll shooter that pulled some unique gameplay mechanics for its time. Although the game was primarily a vertical scroller, many portions of the game would horizontally and diagonally shift the screen in order to traverse in unique ways. Furthermore, the reliance on a ‘gold chain’ meter that needs to be filled, in order to maintain the timer count adds to the uniqueness. Once the timer drops to zero, it’s game over.

Finally, Toy Story 3 is a video game adaptation of the hit movie. Although the game is not Xbox 360 exclusive, the game was still met with success, and thus warranted its spot on the backwards compatibility list.

Three strong additions to the ever expanding backwards compatibility list, with even more to come. With games such as LA Noire, Black Ops 2 and Dead Space 2/3 currently not available through the feature yet, the next few additions is definitely something to look forward to.

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