After 4 years, the team behind the Bravely Default series have taken it upon themselves to celebrate its anniversary since its release back in 2012. Commemorating the event on twitter, the official Bravely Default twitter account released a cute illustration of the protagonists from Bravely Default. What’s more interesting is the translated text in the tweet.

When translated into English, the tweet reads out: “Bravely’s 4th anniversary! We’re sorry for the lack of information lately. But there might be something soon…!?”. While the announcement is certainly enigmatic, the promise of something new for the series is welcomed.

Considering the 4th year as an arguably strange milestone to celebrate, it wouldn’t be surprising if Silicon Studios is setting plans in motion for some sort of major announcement for the franchise for the 5th year anniversary in 2017.

Earlier in the year, we took a look at Bravely Second, the major sequel to Bravely Default, which managed to impress us with its fantastic homage to the genre while revitalizing it with a modern flair, and its incredibly memorable soundtrack.

It took three years for the sequel to be released, so it’ll be hard to imagine a third game will be ready by the 5th year anniversary. With that said, with the amount of success garnered by the series, a third game could  be heavily speculated.

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