PlayStation 4 owners can jump into Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta right now, as long as you pre-ordered.

The first wave of the Infinite Warfare beta is up for all PS4 gamers who have pre-ordered Infinite Warfare from today until Monday, October 17th. During the beta, players have access to three of the game’s Combat Rigs, which function much like the previous entries character abilities. Different from Black Ops 3 however, players can switch between the different abilities mid-battle for more tactical combat.

Detailed on the Activision website, the first Combat Rig, Warfighter, is based around mid-range abilities and designed to succeed at capturing objectives and fast kills. The payloads that you can equip are the Claw, Combat Focus, and Overdrive. The Claw is the only weapon available in this rig with ricocheting bullets, and the other two abilities remain the same from Black Ops 3.

The second Rig is the Merc, geared for heavy defense and supporting fire. The payloads for the Merc include Steel Dragon, Reactive Armor, and Bull Charge. The Steel Dragon is a beam weapon capable of targeting multiple enemies, while the Reactive Armor will give you a health regen, and the Bull Charge will equip you with a riot shield that allows you to stampede towards your enemies.

Finally the Synaptic is the last Rig available in this weekend’s beta. Payloads for the Rig include the Equalizer, Rewind, and Reaper. The Equalizer is a pair of suppressed machine guns, and Reaper switches you to a four-legged melee combat expert. Rewind makes its return from Black Ops 3 as well with no changes.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare shoots into play November 4th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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