If you’ve been following The Division over the past few months, you’ve likely been waiting patiently for Update 1.4. After spending a full month in a Public Test Server (PTS), the patch is finally ready to drop for the main game. The Division Update 1.4 goes live October 25.

Referring to the PTS, developer Massive writes in a blog post, “It was a first for Massive, and indeed for Ubisoft, to set one up and wow, we are so happy with the results. Without your help and your diligent testing, we wouldn’t have been able to make Update 1.4 what it is.”

The developer continues, “We’re incredibly grateful for all your passion (and sometimes anger) and, due to its overwhelming success, we’re hoping to bring the PTS back for future updates. Working with the community to improve The Division is incredibly important to us and will remain a priority going forward. So thank you, all of you, for your help.”

While Massive hasn’t released an official set of patch notes for the version of the update going live on Tuesday, chances are it won’t be all that different from the impressive list of changes implemented in the PTS. The patch covers everything from the introduction of World Tiers, different scaling difficulty levels based on each player’s gear score, to balance changes to the time-to-kill, lessening the amount of time a player requires to kill each enemy, regardless of level.

Having delayed the remainder of The Division’s season pass content until Update 1.4 could address many of the underlying problems with the game, Massive has a lot riding on this new patch. Keep checking back here on Gamespresso to find out more.

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