It has not been long since the abrupt Boston Major announcement, and the team over at Valve has already lifted the veil for their next ‘Battle Pass’ — A digital pass that players can level up through wagering wins in DotA 2, completing quests or simply purchasing levels outright. Levelling these passes provides players with fun little ways to obtain new hero cosmetic items, participate in Weekend Battle Cups and have full access to the event Compendium when it releases.

Unlike previous Battle Passes, players will not have the ability to jump forward and purchase a level 25 pass. This could be accounted to the fact that for the first time, the pass is capped at level 60. In previous passes, levels could surge past the hundreds, even past one thousand. This time around, levels for the Boston Pass will not be purchasable and everyone will start at level 1. Whether this is subject to change is unknown at the current time.

At level 1, players will obtain four items: one chest from the first set of treasure sets (which you can check out below) which contain cosmetic hero sets, a Battle Cup pass for weekly tournaments, a new Fall map retexture pack and a Fall-themed loading screen. As players continue to obtain more levels, they will also receive one chest from each of the other 3 treasure sets, and special new particle effects to items for the duration of the event. As mentioned earlier, this Battle Pass will also contain quests, which will reward players with a new skin for Bounty Hunter, Bane or Razor.

There seems to be a step back from the sheer amount of content provided by The International Compendium earlier in the year. While disappointing, the Major events should generally be smaller in scope than The International. And besides, there is still quite a good chunk of content available. A run down of the patch has been analysed and provided through the DotA 2 subreddit.


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