If you’re still sore about the Dungeon Keeper iOS game back in 2013, you’ll be pleased to know that you can pick up the original 1993 Dungeon Keeper on Origin. As part of the monthly freebie giveaway, EA’s ‘On the house‘ deal gives back to players by giving every Origin user one free game from the massive backlog of games on the platform. Often times, these games are some of the classic EA games, rather than any new ones.

Dungeon Keeper was originally a title by Bullfrog Productions where the players took on the role of the dungeon master. In this position, players would create elaborate labyrinths and dungeons for ‘heroes’ to investigate. The heroes were AI controlled NPCs that would traverse the dungeon, seeking glory. The player must protect the ‘Dungeon Heart’ from enemies by creating complex dungeons that are filled with deadly traps and crazy strong monsters. There are many subsystems that makes Dungeon Keeper a much more complex game, such as the ecology feature for monsters and the technology trees.

The Origin ‘On the house’ deal continues to provide players quality classics to indulge in. The icing on the cake is that games picked up during the deal will be in the player’s Origin account forever. So pick it up, even if you don’t feel like playing the game right now.

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