With a recent CoroCoro leak, according to Serebii, we’ve been given a look at a new Grimer Alola form for Pokemon Sun and Moon. This new Grimer looks to be a Dark/Poison type, pictured with the new Dark type Meowth form in the photo.

Grimer is now among several Gen 1 Pokemon to get a face lift for the new series, set in the Hawaii-inspired Alola Region. While some of the new forms are incredibly clever, given the source material, such as a surfing Raichu, and an Exeggutor made to look like a coconut tree, the new Grimer is confusing fans as much as the ice-themed Ninetails and Sandslash did during their first leak. It was later shown that their new type had something to do with living on the holy, snow-capped mountains of the region.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Leak Grimer

The new Grimer isn’t very different from its predecessors, with a slightly more yellow tone, and a bright yellow drip of something from its mouth. Hopefully Nintendo can give us a good Pokedex description to pull Grimer into the game.

Fans of the series can expect new official information coming soon about this new form, explaining how it fits into the narrative, hopefully with the next batch of Pokemon information from Nintendo. It could possibly share a connection with the Dark type Meowth, as they have the same type and are pictured together in the CoroCoro leak.

Pokemon Sun and Moon release November 18.

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