Grand Theft Auto V has received a new piece of DLC for its online multiplayer mode, GTA Online. The Bikers DLC lets you start a motorcycle club and play several brand new missions with your club’s members. A player’s club can have up to eight other people in it, each filling different roles. Prospects can only move up in the club after being promoted by a club’s president.

Thirteen new vehicles have been added to the game, including the Nightblade, the Chimera, and the Rat Bike. There are also new melee weapons (including a battle axe, pool cue, and pipe wrench) and new guns (the sweeper shotgun and compact grenade launcher).

Players will own a clubhouse which they will use to operate their motorcycle club. There are 12 different locations to choose from for your clubhouse, and each one will have several activities to take part in such as arm wrestling and darts.

A new competitive mode called Slipstream will have players racing each other on bikes while using melee combat.

Like previous GTA Online DLC, the new Bikers DLC is available only on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, leaving behind players on last generation hardware. The Bikers DLC is available now.

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