In just one more sleep, Grand Theft Auto Online’s next major update will be unleashed to the world. Known as the ‘Bikers’ update, this free new update will give players the option to create biker gangs and roam around Los Santos doing some brand new mini game modes. Screenshots of the upcoming features have been revealed on the Rockstar Newswire site, which show some new features including:

  • A plethora of new Bike models
  • The ability to wield melee weapons while riding bikes
  • The ability to purchase biker clubhouses
  • New weapons, both melee and ranged
  • Brand new biker clothing
  • New tattoos
  • Create biker gangs and undertake ‘seedy’ business ventures


The biker update is a departure from the usual ‘VIP’ and business-esque types of updates in the past. Despite that, the Bikers update seeks to emphasize the core aspect of grouping together with other like-minded criminals online and have fun doing unlawful shenanigans. The biggest change from the core game would be the new ability to wield melee weapons in vehicles. While this is still not true for 4-wheeled automobile vehicles, giving the ability to wield melee weapons to the more vulnerable bike riders allows players to have a new way to attack and protect themselves.

The new Bikers update will be available from October 4th for free on all current generation platforms. Content within the game must be purchased through in-game currency.

Bikers Update, Grand Theft Auto Online

Bikers Update, Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online

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