Halo 5 has been around for nearly a year now, but Microsoft continue to add free DLC for the title. Halo 5 Forge is a powerful game editing suite that allows players to create their own environments for the Xbox benchmark FPS. It gives the user near complete control over their game experience including weather and level design. It will now include Covenant items after feedback from fans of the game.

In a statement from Forge Director Tom French shared in 343 Industries latest blog post, he confirmed that Covenant items were among the most popularly requested items from users.

“We scoured our maps to find pieces and even shapes we could rip out of them that would make great accents with a wide variety of applications,” French says. “We looked for pieces that would make great accents to levels, helping add the curves where needed and augmented that list with a lot of Covenant staples.

“For sake of time and bandwidth we opted to spit the list [of chosen items] between the two types of Covenant themes; more classic Covenant style was prioritized for the first update and then followed by assets from the Elite home world Sangheili in the next (coming soon!).”

Halo 5 Forge Covenant

September’s Anvil’s Legacy was the ninth free update for the game and it doesn’t seem to be the last. This post from French clearly shows that there is still plenty in store for the popular title, especially now that Halo 5’s Forge Tools have been made available to Windows 10 PCs.

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