Nvidia has confirmed prior rumors and leaks that the Switch, Nintendo’s new handheld console hybrid,  will be powered by the company’s Tegra processor.

Nintendo Switch will use a custom Tegra processor that includes a Nvidia GPU based on the same architecture as its GeForce graphics cards. The Switch also contains custom software including a revamped physics engine and advanced game tools, Nvidia explained.

“With great graphics, loads of game titles and incredible performance, the Nintendo Switch will provide people with many hours of engaging and interactive gaming entertainment,” Nvidia said.

“But creating a device so fun required some serious engineering. The development encompassed 500 man-years of effort across every facet of creating a new gaming platform: algorithms, computer architecture, system design, system software, APIs, game engines and peripherals. They all had to be rethought and redesigned for Nintendo to deliver the best experience for gamers, whether they’re in the living room or on the move.”

Other variations of Nvidia’s Tegra technology such as the Tegra X1 is used in the Nvidia Shield console. If you haven’t already seen the Switch’s announcement trailer, you can check it out here.

The Nintendo Switch launches March 2017. Stay tuned for more updates on the newly announced console in the months leading up to its release.

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