Following its Summer Games event, Overwatch may be celebrating Halloween with appropriately-themed Loot Boxes and more.

A Reddit user named ChronosHero took photos of what appears to be an accidental listing on the Xbox Store. It shows a Loot Box shaped like a jack-o’-latern which includes over “100 items.”

There has been no confirmation from Blizzard as of yet on the event.

Halloween loot

Below is the listed text for the store post:

“Celebrate Halloween with some frightening treats for your heroes during a new event : Overwatch Halloween Terror!

Trick out your collection by picking up Halloween Loot Boxes, available for a limited time. Every Loot Box contains up to four cosmetic items, including at least one Halloween skin, spray, highlight intro, emote, victory pose, player icon, voice line , or credits that you can use to unlock other items. More then 100 Halloween items are waiting to be unwrapped!

If your Halloween Loot Box contains an item that is already in your collection, you will instead receive coins.

*Halloween Loot Boxes are available to purchase or earn in-game until 11/1/16 at 4pm PT.”

Overwatch is currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Stay tuned for more updates on the possible Halloween event and included skins.

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