David Cage, founder of Quantic Dream (maker of games such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and the upcoming Detroit: Become Human), has revealed that he is currently looking to make a virtual reality game.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Cage says that he is letting all of his staff experiment with VR headsets, encouraging them to keep up with the most recent advances in VR games. “We’ve downloaded every game on every system to try and understand where people are right now, what works and what doesn’t work, and what we could bring to this medium,” he said.

He also added that they will not make a VR game unless they can do something new. “The idea is not to do VR for the sake of doing VR. It’s about saying something on this medium that hasn’t been said already.”

Quantic Dream’s games have always been a little unconventional compared to other AAA releases, and Cage believes that VR will suit his games rather naturally. He mentions his excitement about the idea that his games (which have all had gesture controls mapped to a traditional controller) will no longer be limited by the number of buttons available.

Cage says he has already played several VR games, and what impresses him the most is the sense of presence.

Quantic Dream’s upcoming PlayStation 4 game, Detroit: Become Human, currently has no release date.

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