Brave Wave Productions, a music label based out in Japan has announced that they will be releasing Shovel Knight: The Definitive Soundtrack. This soundtrack includes 48 tracks from the game as well as a booklet featuring composer interviews and exclusive artwork. Owners will also be able to stream the soundtrack through the company’s free Bandcamp app. The soundtrack is available in both CD format and vinyl.

In addition to the release of this soundtrack, the company will also be releasing two exclusive posters with art drawn by Hitoshi Ariga. Ariga has done art for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, as well as other anime and video games. These posters will also be available on the Brave Wave online store along with the soundtrack

The Brave Wave store also contains more information on the Shovel Knight Soundtrack. The site reads, “The game’s chiptune soundtrack, composed by Jake Kaufman and Manami Matsumae, is integral to the game’s modern-retro identity and has been similarly praised for its outstanding arrangements, memorable melodies and strong technical composition. This definitive soundtrack contains all music from the original Shovel Knight game released in June 2014, with a vinyl tracklist crafted by Jake Kaufman himself. The package cover and inner-gatefold have been designed exclusively for the soundtrack by Hitoshi Ariga; an interview with co-composer Manami Matsumae; and character artwork from the game.”

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