When you are a big company in a competitive market, such as the video game industry, sometimes you trademark a lot of different things, just in case it could work with some ideas. Nintendo trademarks “Mario” with a combination of other phrases all the time. It is peculiar, however, when one trademarks a name that gives us more questions then answers. This is the case for Take-Two Interactive and “Ghost Story.”

While Halloween is around the corner and things are getting spookier, Take-Two Interactive has used this and requested a trademark for the title “Ghost Story.” As seen by the European Union Intellectual Property Office, it was filed on October 7th. What is even more mysterious about this is that there is no description given at all. Obviously whatever game Take-Two is looking to make under this trademark, they want to keep as much under wraps as possible.

The two biggest developers under Take-Two Interactive are Rockstar Games and 2K Games. While Bioshock, under 2K, is definitely spooky, we have never seen a true horror title from either of these studios. Perhaps it is time to switch things up with “Ghost Story.” Only time will tell when we will see what becomes of this trademark.

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