Titanfall 2 is just a day away. Publisher EA have recognized its target audience may already be busying themselves, getting sucked in to another newly released EA game, Battlefield 1. The similarities between a World War 1 setting with bolt action rifles and biplanes, and a futuristic world with laser guns and giant semi autonomous robots may not be glaringly obvious. This hasn’t stopped a special bonus being included in Titanfall 2 for players of Battlefield 1.

Showcased on the official Twitter page of Titanfall, developer Respawn Entertainment will be giving away a special Red Baron themed skin for players to use on their Titan.

Titanfall 2 Red Baron

Manfred von Richthofen, dubbed “The Red Baron” was a real life fighter ace from the First World War. Credited with over 80 air combat victories, he appears in DICE’s game as part of a special booster pack that is available to Early Enlisters and purchasers of the collectors edition. He flew in a customized Fokker Dr1 Triplane with trademark red coloring, which gave rise to the nickname, given to him by British troops. The Titan skin also follows his famous color scheme: German insignia, with red, white and black paint work. It manages not to look out of place on technology from the distant future.

The special skin will be available automatically, once the player installs Titanfall 2 on the system that they own Battlefield 1. The game will know about your progress and unlock the skin. It is not known however, if this will be possible on different platforms. For instance, If a player owns Battlefield 1 on their PlayStation 4 and then buys Titanfall 2 on their PC, will the skin be accessible to them? This question was posed on the Titanfall official forum, the response from the EA Community manager being, “That… is an excellent question. At this time I don’t know, but for this sort of thing you usually need to play on the same platform. I’ll try to get a confirmation either way, though, I’ll update the thread with any info I can get.”

Basically, if you want your Titan to be sporting the famous look of a World War 1 fighter ace, get Titanfall 2 for the same platform you already own Battlefield 1 on.

Titanfall releases across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC tomorrow, October 28th.

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