Titanfall 2 is just a few days away from release. Respawn Entertainment released the launch trailer yesterday, which features some stunning depictions of player vs Titan vs player combat.

The trailer has many aspects that are key to the game. The player harpoon, which reminds us of Batman using his Batclaw in the Arkham series; the Titan drop, the thing which gives the game its name; and it also shows the close relationship between player and Titan, something which the much anticipated single-player mode, lacking from the first game, explores further.

The Tech Test Open Beta event occurred in August, helping build hype for release. This hasn’t, however, made the game a pre-order success. As recently as earlier this month, Titanfall 2 was lagging substantially behind both Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in US pre-order numbers. Publisher EA will be hoping for better sales when the game actually hits the shelves.

The success of Titanfall 2 will be determined by it attracting new players to the franchise, rather than just buyers of the first game. It is up against stiff competition in the FPS genre, with  DICE’s WW1 shooter Battlefield 1 releasing last week and Infinity Ward’s futuristic Call of Duty releasing next week.

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