Destiny: Rise of Iron saw the release of the expansion’s Hard Raid yesterday, meaning there was of course a race to for World First. Taking just over forty minutes, the first team to complete the raid was an unknown team from Germany called Clan Die Busfahrer, which translates to The Bus Drivers.

According to Bungie, the top three teams all finished within only 4 minutes of each other.

Clan Redeem claimed the World First title when the normal Wrath of Machines raid first dropped for Destiny: Rise of Iron. Reported by Eurogamer, it seems it was actually a bug that kept them for claiming this first place as well.

Steaming their attempt, uploaded on YouTube by Modern Tryhard, Redeem suffered a setback following the second raid boss, the Death Zamboni. Once players complete the fight, the massive skiff falls over the edge of the broken wall, and players are able to jump down after it, going into a cave at the bottom. Attempting to save time, Redeem jumped down before the skiff fell, instantly triggering a full team wipe (around the 24 minute mark).

Whether it is a bug or a rather too harsh anti-cheating mechanic, meant to make sure people finish the fight before moving on, the wipe forced Redeem back to the beginning of the encounter, costing them roughly six minutes. Since they were in fact only four minutes from the top position, it is likely they would have claimed the best time had the wipe not taken place.

Though disappointed, they still seem to be good sports about it. “GGs to Clan Die Busfahrer aka The Bus Drivers,” Clan Redeem writes in the video description.

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