Music is an incredible part of the gaming experience. For that reason, it fuels my excitement when development teams try to garner hype through soundtrack reveals. Watch Dogs 2’s composer, Hudson Mohawke released a sample of the soundtrack on Spotify, titled ‘entitled Shanghaied’. The piece focuses on some very nice rhythmic mellow drum beats and tones.

Hudson Mohawke is a notable composer from Glasgow who has worked with many iconic musicians, including Kanye West, Little Wayne and Frank Ocean. Mohawke was tasked with composing the Watch Dogs 2 soundtrack with 15 new original songs. The team had hoped that Mohawke’s love for sci-fi will help create a fitting soundtrack for the hack-centric game. According to the description on the “Ded Sec” soundtrack on YouTube, the soundtrack looks to “hark back to his earlier work fusing electronics, hip hop and the beat scene.”

According to a statement by Ubisoft, Hudson expressed his interest in composing for the game, and being able to reach out to a new audience through his music: “It’s been a real learning experience, and even a challenge at some points,”said Mohawke. “But very rewarding in terms of expressing myself creatively and allowing me to reach new audiences with my music without needing a ‘genre’ stamp.”

With the announcement that Watch Dogs 2 went gold, the Watch Dogs 2 release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has been cemented for November 11th, with a PC release on November 29th.

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