Excalibur Games has announced that their game, World Ship Simulator, will be getting a retail release for October 28th. Released back in November of 2015, the game is currently on Steam Early Access.

A sequel to their popular game, European Ship Simulator, World Ship Simulator features an open world without loading screens between docks, dynamic weather conditions, Steam Workshop support, along with a variety of ships that players can choose from. It also features a career mode which allows players to complete missions and collect cash to buy ships and other upgrades.

More information on the game can be found on the company’s official website. The game’s description reads, “Set in a fictitious environment that has been inspired by ports and landmarks from around the globe, World Ship Simulator allows the player to captain a hovercraft, bulk carrier, yacht and other magnificent vessels in an expansive open world. Players can weigh anchor on the open seas and begin their career in the maritime industry. Players start from humble beginnings with a single ship and complete a selection of jobs that earn them experience to take on more demanding opportunities with greater rewards.”

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