At Microsoft’s recent Windows event, they announced that they will soon be integrating Beam into both Xbox One and Windows 10. Beam is a livestreaming service that Microsoft acquired in August of this year.

Beam will work similar to Twitch, another popular livestreaming service, in that it will let users watch livestreams of games as well as interact with streamers “in real time,” according to Microsoft. The service will be a part of the main operating system on both platforms, so users won’t have to download an app in order to start streaming; they’ll just have to click the Beam button.

Also discussed at the event was Arena on Xbox Live. This service will let Xbox Live subscribers create their own tournaments. Players will be able to choose their tournament style, as well as set its rules, and then invite their friends to compete. You will be able to track tournament progress on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

In addition to these two services, it was also announced that the Xbox One will soon be getting Bitstream Audio Pass, which supports Dolby Atmos.

All of this will be arriving in early 2017 in the Creators Update, which will be a free download.

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