While the Xbox One has had backward compatibility for awhile now, it is not without its flaws. Only a 360 game that is added to the list is available to play on the newer device, instead of just the whole lot of them. And while you have to wait for the title to be digitally ready on the console, many times you still have to have the original disc. In the digital age we live in, there should be a more convenient way to play older classics on your Xbox One.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox at Microsoft, has heard the wishes of fans. On his Twitter account, he has actually responded to a select few and told them where he stands on digital copies of 360 titles. “I know a lot of people want this, as do I,” he told one fan. “We don’t have a date yet but something we want to get done.” This was in response to a user asking for a Lost Odyssey digital copy.

In another instance, one fan asked about Mass Effect titles and Blue Dragon also getting digital copies on the Xbox One. Obviously, this is a subject that many care about, and so does Spencer. He stated “We want to give choice on how you buy your games, that would be our goal.”

More choices definitely means more customers  and more convenience for those who have already remained loyal. Let’s hope for Xbox fans new and old that Phil Spencer helps to make more digital versions of some of our favorite titles possible.

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