A custom uniform glitch has been discovered for DICE’s latest FPS shooter Battlefield 1. It allows players, via the companion app, to change the color of your soldiers uniform so you can really stand out from your squad mates.

This is no fluke, the same thing could be done in Battlefield 4. All players need to do is create a personalised emblem on their mobile device, make the background as large as possible, and then pick the color of your choice. PVPlive posted a guide on how to do this, and since then, players have been going to war wearing their very own styles. The real life generals from the Great War probably wouldn’t have approved.

Battlefield 1 Uniform Glitch

Courtesy of PVPLive

It also wouldn’t be recommended to pick something bright and garish, as that may lead you to become sniper fodder. If you want to make an impact though, go for it.

The companion app is available on Android, iOS and Windows 10 mobile devices. It launched on October 18th and is around 60MB in size, so shouldn’t be too much of an issue to download. Once you have it, log in to your account that you use for Battlefield 1, and get creating.

Battlefield 1 Companion App

Battlefield 1 recently topped the sales charts for a second week running, and fans are eagerly awaiting a new Hardcore Mode that was confirmed by a DICE producer to be coming “sooner than you think.”

For now though, wait it out by fitting up your WW1 hero with his own customised garbs.