Within the past month we have seen a few important releases to the video game industry. Two of these are EA’s Battlefield 1 and the PlayStation 4 Pro. When these two are used together, it creates one of the most technologically sound gameplay experiences ever seen by a gamer today. While they are not true separate consoles, this does leave those with the original PlayStation 4 behind. So how is this handled in Battlefield 1?

When the PlayStation 4 Pro was first released, its performance in all games, including EA’s latest First Person Shooter, was clearly an upgrade from its predecessor. While it may seem like this can only be a good thing, it actually has affected online multiplayer in a major way.

With a higher frame rate and quicker response time, those playing on the Pro as opposed to the original PlayStation 4 clearly have had an advantage in Battlefield 1. It may not be extremely noticeable for the average person, but high level players will be able to tell the difference.

In the latest update, however, it seems the performance on the Pro has been reduced, making multiplayer matches more even. While Eurogamer reported that this performance drop didn’t seem to affect the single player campaign, it still seems a bit unfair for those who have purchased to the Pro to not see its full potential during multiplayer. Could this be an issue we see with the PlayStation 4 Pro and other enhanced consoles in the future?

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