In celebration of its 100th day since launch, Nexon Korea has announced a new update for its game, Master of Chaos Chronicle.

The popular 2D mobile RPG, developed by WING Studios was launched in August of this year. The update brings brand new heroes to the game, new areas for players to explore, as well as a multitude of daily events that players can participate in that rewards them with special in game items.

The new content builds on the current events and battles going on in the game. Three new heroes and the legendary Ninth Disciple join the Chaos Chronicle cast with their very own abilities and unique visual design. In addition to these new characters, players will have access to a celebratory promotional code. This code rewards players with 100 Rubies, 100K Gold, and a very special Grade 5 Ring with a unique ability exclusively manufactured for the 100th Day celebration event.

Players will also have access to daily login rewards and a variety of magic potions that can be collected in game. Masters of Chaos Chronicle is now available on both iOS and Android devices worldwide. The game is also available in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Thai, French, and German languages.

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